I love that this is so interactive but I have to [fill in actual life stuff] and can’t make all the sessions, its that ok? ​

Yes, totally fine. Everything we do, whether its small group discussions, interpersonal meditations, or breakout groups will be opt-in. You never have to participate in anything. And we’ll still love you 🧡.

I’m a little short on cash right now, can I still join?

Yes. We want everyone to be included, regardless of financial capacity. Ideally you can join us as a volunteer which would still allow you to participate in almost all parts of the conference. Or, if that doesn’t work for some reason then we also have scholarships. Please reach out to info@cohack.life

I bought a ticket. How do I access the event?

Please check your email. We will be sending out a document by Thursday night with all instructions on how to access the event and necessary links.

Are the sessions recorded? Will they be available after the event?

The Main Session will recorded in speaker view (no participants will be visible in the main room recording). We will be posting recording on youtube and social media after the conference.

Do I need to download Zoom?

Yes, you need to download the most recent update of Zoom 5.0: https://zoom.us/download

How do I access the party?

The party will be made live at this link at 7 pm on Saturday, May 2nd: http://awakenedfutures.org/party

Can I join from my phone?

It's possible, but we highly recommend using a computer if possible for best experience.

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