Party Guidelines:


  1. This is a safe & open space so we ask that you remain kind and respectful to all.

  2. We ask that your video be enabled if you are going to join a room as this creates a safe and open space for everyone. Our party rangers will be going around the rooms sending reminders for those that do not have their videos enabled.  

  3. We have also disabled all recording features for your comfort. Please respect others and do not take screenshots or private screen recordings.

  4. We encourage, participation, costumes and creative virtual backgrounds .


Happy Diving!

Live Events that are more interactive 
Live Events that are less interactive 
Nikola Ristic
   Awakening Spiritual Frequencies
 7-8pm PST (1 hour)
Crystallin Dillon
T-Group 2.0: Emotional Intimacy
7 & 8pm PST (2 Sessions)
Jeremy Falk
Awaken Together
 7-8pm PST (1 hour)
Sarah Cruse
Granny's Livingroom
May 2, 7-8pm PST (1 hour)
Kat Fleming
Flow State: Activation Games + Discussion
 7-9pm PST (2 hours)
Virtual Town
A Virtual Conference Center
May 2, 7-8pm PST (1 hour)
Nir Solomon
 Hip Hop Choreography 
8-9pm PST (1 hour)
Justin William Hartery
"The I AM Project":
A Guided Meditation
8-9pm PST (Doors Close 8:15p)
Andres & Kelsi
Resourceful Activation 
8-9pm PST (1 hour)
Live Events that are less interactive 
Dominique Savitri Baron-Bonarjee
Love is in the
 7-8pm PST (1 hour)
Bruce Damer
The Field: Portending the Union of Science and Spirituality
7-8pm PST (1 hour)
Damla Gungor
Psychedelic Playback Theater
8-9pm PST (1 hour)
Amanda Gregory
Synæsthetics sound journey immersion
May 2, 8-9pm PST (1 hour)
Mark-David Hosale
Ambient, Eversive, Emotive
 8-9pm PST (1 hour)
Sarah Hashkes
Meu 3D-Enhanced Party: Let's Dance Together Apart
8-9pm PST (1 hour)

Awakened Futures


closing ceremony

w/ Special guest east forest

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